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Silver Jewellery

Item Code :ISL 033
Amethyst and Agate Stone Necklace

Item Code :ISL 054
Carved Silver Necklace

Item Code :ISL 099
Silver Pendants

Item Code :ISL 1006
Mundu Sapphire Strands Necklace

Item Code :ISL 1014
Black Onyx Necklace with Silver Pendant

Item Code :ISLN 024
Silver and Garnet Beads Necklace

Item Code :ISL 036
Coral and Turquise With Silver Beads Necklace

Item Code :ISL 051
Handmade Silver Necklace

Item Code :ISLP 005
Colored Cutstone Pendant

Item Code :ISL 045
Carved Choker in Silver

Item Code :ISL 055
Handmade Enamel Bangles

Item Code :ISL 065
Silver Finger Rings

Item Code :ISL 074
Assorted Bracelets in Stone

Item Code :ISL 077
Bracelets in Silver

Item Code :ISL 077c
Silver Bangles and Cuffs

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